Jelly Belly chairman of the board wins ISM Lifetime Award

Herman Goelitz Rowland Sr., chairman of the board at Jelly Belly Candy Co., is the first award winner of the ISM Lifetime Achievement Award.

The new international award of the world's largest and most important trade fairs for confectionery and snack items, the ISM in Cologne, was presented to him during a formal gala dinner on Jan. 26.

Delighted to accept the prize, Rowland Sr. thanked ISM along with the international jury comprised of members from the industry, trade and science sectors, who selected him.

The accolade pays tribute to exceptional services in the confectionery and snack item sector and Rowland Sr. demonstrates just that.

Included in an official press release about the award: "creativity, innovation, and a sense of humor are what distinguish the [promulgator] of the most famous bean in the world," according to Salvatore Ferrara, president of the International Confectionary Association (ICA) and ceo of the Ferrara Pan company in Chicago. 

It’s safe to say such strengths are rooted in the fourth generation “candy man’s” upbringing. Rowland Sr. literally grew up influenced by the business of candy.

His family’s business, the Gustav Goelitz Co., was founded in Belleville, Ill. in 1869 by his great-grandfather Gustav Goelitz, a German immigrant. Rowland Sr. took over the business in 1965.

He expanded the product line-up and started manufacturing different varieties of jelly sweets. These included jelly beans, which at first were called “Goelitz Mini Gourmet Jelly Beans.”

Today, the renowned Jelly Belly jelly beans are consumed in more than 70 countries and about 46,000 are made each day.  The collection has grown from eight flavors to 50 official flavors.

Some of the new Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors include: Roasted Garlic, Tabasco, and a special Harry Potter Edition, which features flavors like Rotten Egg and Sausage.

The four-day ISM show presents products from six sweet categories including chocolate, confectionery, fine pastry products, snack products, ice cream and pastes. All featured items are designed for sale in retail outlets.

Exclusively open to trade visitors from wholesale and retail stores, ISM’s partner country this year is Brazil.