Nestlé Crunch has announced its Girl Scout candy bars have been named the 2013 Product of the Year (POY) in the candy category by Product of the Year USA.

Launched as a limited-edition product in 2012, the bars give consumers something to tide them over until the next Girl Scout cookie season. In addition, the product marked the first time the Girl Scouts had ever licensed their flavors for use in a candy bar.

Including its recent award, Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout bars have received six accolades in total: 2013 Product of the Year, AdWeek’s Best Brand Extension, The National Confectionery Sales Association’s Best New Product Award, Better Homes & Garden’s Best New Product for 2013, Ace Metrix 2012 Top 20 Ad Rankings and Nestle VBMA 2012 “Al Stefl Award” Winner.