snickersApparently, (nougat+milk chocolate+peanuts+caramel+peanut butter)² = product of the year.

About 50,000 shoppers in collaboration with the Taylor Nelson Sofres group (TNS), a leading custom research agency, picked Mars Co.’s Snickers Peanut Butter Squared as the Product of the Year in the candy category.

Product of the Year USA, the largest consumer product award voted on by consumers, honored products in 22 different categories, including candy, pet treats, and others.

“Now, more than ever, brands are focusing on implementing innovative solutions and creative strategies to stand out on shelves in a crowded consumer marketplace,” says Colleen Kelly, managing director, Product of the Year USA. “Shoppers are more likely to buy a product that is recommended to them by their peers... [And] Product of the Year recognizes and honors groundbreaking products with an awards seal that is backed by real shoppers throughout the U.S.”

According to the 2012 Product of the Year US Shoppers Survey conducted by TNS, consumers younger than 35 are 33% more likely to try a product if it has won some kind of award.

Starting in March, consumers nationwide will be able to look for the honorary red “Product of the Year” seal, which will be on packaging, advertising and in-store displays.

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