Wauconda, Ill.-based Synergy Flavors predicts fruity and floral tastes will strike a chord with consumers this summer.
“This summer’s flavors are all about a blast from summers past, but with a twist,” said Greg Kaminski, executive research chef at Synergy Flavors. “Consumers still want nostalgic summer classics, such as tastes of lemonade and fruit popsicles, but they are also more adventurous and crave something new and exciting.”
Among the trendy flavors are:
  • Flavored Gin: Many alcoholic beverage companies are creating alcoholic lemonade with gin in refreshing flavors, such as blueberry. The tart taste of the lemon and the blueberry aroma brings consumers back to the summertime as a kid, enjoying fresh fruit all day long. 
  • Avocado: Avocados are gaining popularity as an ingredient in alcoholic beverages, giving them a natural creamy texture without having to use cream or milk. The fruit also provides a sensational mouth feel without the added bad fats and calories, which appeals to consumers’ latest demands for healthier food and beverage options. One of the greatest aspects of avocados are their neutral taste, so they pair well with almost any ingredient.
  • Soursop: The soursop fruit, a prickly green fruit local to the Caribbean and South America, has been used for centuries in tropical climates because of its healing properties, but today it is used for its flavor. It consists of a sweet taste with the combination of strawberries and apples, paired with a slight citrus note and underlining hints of banana, vanilla and coconut. This flavor can be found in confectionery and alcoholic beverage applications, and the tropical aroma and taste will allow consumers to feel like they are out a beach, even if they are just at a pool at home. 
  • Matcha: This summer, matcha is making its way into bars in the form of green matcha beer. Tea houses are taking matcha tea and adding it to a rice-based lager from Japan to create a crisp and refreshing beverage, while still offering that lush, sophisticated intricacy that comes from the matcha tea. While matcha is a new trend, a nice cold beer is a summer classic that will now have a new flavor kick. 
  • Floral Flavors: Frozen drinks and snacks provide some of the tastiest ways to cool down in the summer heat. This summer’s trending frozen treats are utilizing floral flavors, such as fresh watermelon, white grapefruit and orange blossom, made into drinks like frosé, or frozen rosé wine. In particular, the orange blossom adds a delicate floral note with citrusy hints, which is perfect for warmer weather. 
“Food scientists, chefs, bartenders and manufacturers are all working to create new experiential flavors for food and beverage applications to meet consumers’ demands for flavors that bring back memories in new and refreshing ways,” Kaminski said.