DouxMatok, maker of sugar-based sugar reduction solution, Incredo Sugar, and Batory Foods have entered into a commercial distribution agreement.

Starting this month, Incredo Sugar will be added to Batory Foods’ full portfolio of high-quality food ingredients, unlocking a network of customers in North America looking to reduce sugar in baked goods and confectionery products. The engagement between the two companies will expand distribution opportunities in addition to DouxMatok’s direct sales channels.

“We have a commercial-ready solution and the ability to tackle evolving consumer demand for lower sugar products," said Kelly Thompson, DouxMatok’s senior vice president, head of North America. "Working with Batory Foods is providing us an incredible opportunity to distribute Incredo Sugar to a variety of new customers seeking innovative solutions for sugar reduction. We look forward to working with health-minded companies who acknowledge the overconsumption of sugar in North America and want to proactively partner with us to address this sweeping concern.”

Incredo Sugar is made of real cane sugar and achieves the same level of sweetness with up to 50 percent less sugar. As consumers across the globe, and especially in the U.S., continue to prioritize health and nutrition, Incredo Sugar can provide food manufacturers and CPGs an opportunity to reduce sugar in their products while still meeting the high expectations of taste and sweetness.

“Batory Foods takes pride in providing a range of high-quality ingredient solutions for our customers, and sugar reduction has been a key area of focus since our company was founded,” said Vince Pinneri, president of Batory Foods. “Adding an innovative solution like Incredo Sugar to our portfolio of ingredients provides an excellent opportunity for us to keep up with growing demands of both consumers and food brands looking for products that are both indulgent and deliver on nutrition. Another major advantage that we see in Incredo Sugar is that supply is not limited."