CocoMadness, the first ever cocoa energy chewable, is hitting the market. 

The candy, which is made by Defense Nutrition, is an attempt to get people to see cocoa the same way they see other energy products.

“We developed CocoMadness to feature cocoa in its purest healthiest form," says Ori Hofmekler, founder of Defense Nutrition and author of "The Warrior Diet."  "People can try CocoMadness right before they exercise, during a long drive or while studying.  Some people have it as soon as they get up in the morning because it provides an instant, healthy energy boost. It also tastes great." CocoMadness

It’s made with premium organic cocoa, which creates a natural energy boost while delivering metabolic enhancing nutrients and an authentic chocolate taste.

"We're really looking to conquer the bottom of the junk food chain.  Our goal is to replace junk food with food that's actually good for you," says Hofmekler.  "Our mission is to create tasty alternatives that are not just 'less unhealthy', but rather perfectly healthy. CocoMadness tastes like a tiny chocolate candy, but without the added sugar or fat.”

In fact, it has just 20 calories per serving (six chewables).

The company sources premium organic cocoa from multiple sources in South America, in an effort to harness cocoa’s power to “metabolize nitric acid — a molecule responsible for increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure and enhancing performance.”

They claim the result is, “a natural boost of energy with increased muscle and brain functionality.”

This innovative energy product was created to serve as a clean alternative to other energy products typically made with sugar or artificial sweeteners and drenched with chemical stimulants.  

CocoMadness is vegan, gluten free, soy-free, and does not contain any animal byproducts or synthetic additives.  It's made from pure cocoa high in antioxidant polyphenols and electrolyte-rich coconut water to yield a flavorful nutritious treat that's low glycemic and dieter friendly.

CocoMadness currently is available for purchase at the Defense Nutrition website, and the company plans to make this item available in retail stores this coming year.

Defense Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of all-natural, chemical-free dietary products with no added sugar.