From chocolate and confectionery, to biscuits and snack items — ISM reflects the sweets and snacks market in all its facets. The event, which runs Jan. 27 to Jan. 30, attracts international exhibitors and visitors, and highlights global trends in the industry.

Katharina C. Hamma, chief operating officer of Koelnmesse, says visitors can expect to see several innovations at the 2019 show, which will feature a new hall this year, Hall 3.1, directly next to Entrance South. The additional 8,500 sq. m. of exhibition space brings the total to 120,000 sq. m. The new hall also will feature a plaza with live sweet productions and sampling.

And all that exhibit space means lots of trends will be on display.

“Whether vegetarian and vegan, gluten and lactose-free, sugar and fat reduced, traditional recipes or new interpreted one — there is something for all needs,” Hamma says.

She says to-go offers, individually and compactly packed items are still proving to be bestsellers, as consumers have increasingly less time and commute between home and the office, leisure activities and work. And, savory snacks also are in high demand, which visitors can find in the “New Snacks Area” in Hall 5.2.

Below is a look at the Top 10 most interesting products we’re excited to see at this year’s show!


ISM Products

1. Craft chocolate with Bulgarian Rose Water and Cardamom  
Hall stand: 05.2 B029 

An original family recipe of bean-to-bar chocolate, handcrafted from selected single origin cocoa beans, these bars are made from chocolate that’s stone grinded and matured. Bulgarian rose water and the pearls of the Orient — cardamom seeds — are then added to create an exquisite combination that’s perfectly enhanced by the floral hints of the chocolate.


ISM Products

2. Vegony - The vegan alternative to honey

Hall/Stand: 05.2 J033

Vegony is an alternative to honey created by using various plant and flower extracts. The company says blind testing has shown, time and time again, that consumers will not notice the difference. And the glass jars come with labels made from grass paper, and attached with vegan glue.


ISM Products

3. Bubble Tea Flavored Popcorn

Taiwan Smile Food Co., Ltd.
Hall/Stand: 05.2 J020

Bubble tea, which originated in Taiwan, is becoming more and more popular around the world.

Taiwan is an origin of this delicious drink. And now consumers can get the same great flavor in a popcorn!


ISM Products

4. Ramadan Kids - the Original Ramadan Kalender for Kids

Honeyletter Productions GmbH
Hall/Stand: 10.2 E079

Count down to Iftar for Kids with 30 puzzle elements behind each door. The Ramadan Kalender features healthy and delicious date and apricot in balls covered by finest chocolate, and then a puzzle for the final Day of Ramadan. All of the treats are halal certificated.


ISM Products

5. Anthon Berg Single Malts Scotch Collection

Toms Confectionery Group A/S
Hall/Stand: 11.2 G020

Anthon Berg has teamed up with five of the world’s most PREMIUM Single Malt Scotch Whisky brands and created a unique tasting experience in this exquisite collection. The five single malt scotch whiskies features different flavor profiles ranging from the smooth and naturally rich and pleasurably warming, through the massively peat-smoky and dry. It will be available in two box sizes: 10 pieces (155g) & 15 pieces (230g).


ISM Products

6. Muesli & Apricot - Muesli & Red Berries + Yoghurt

Hall/Stand: 04.2 B031

These muesli bars come in two different flavors, including: Muesli & Red Berries + Yoghurt and Muesli & Apricot.  Made with only naturally occurring sugars, they’re the perfect, healthy snack to-go.


ISM Products

7. Natural tamarind candy

Shivay Confectionery 
Hall/Stand: 03.1 G039       

Featuring the perfect combination of sweet and sour, this tamarind candy is 100 percent natural.


ISM Products

8. Pinkfinch Green Bean & Sugar Snap Pea Crisps

Cloud Corn Popcorn / Pinkfinch Fruit Crisps
Hall/Stand: 05.2 C024

Pinkfinch Green Bean and Sugar Snap Pea Crisps are made with real vegetables, are gluten free, nut free, dairy free, high in fiber, and vegan friendly.


ISM Products

9. Luxury Cream Fudge- “KRÓWKA ZATORSKA”

Lolly Polly
Hall/Stand: 11.1 D052       

Luxury Cream Fudge is a soft caramel candy with a mild milky taste. The quality caramel candies are produced from milk, butter and cream. They come in two sizes: 180g and 350g.


ISM Products

10. Chocolate with cannabis seeds and strawberries

Joint stock company “Ruta”     
Hall/Stand: 11.1 F016/E015         

These bars are made with RUTA 75 percent chocolate and feature cannabis seeds and strawberries.