Barry Callebaut Group has signed a long-term agreement with Attelli SARL, a distributor and confectionery manufacturer based in Casablanca, Morocco.

Attelli, which is part of the French COFRAPEX Group, specializes in catering, food distribution and retail in Morocco and neighboring countries.

Under the terms of the agreement, Barry Callebaut is taking over the manufacturing asset of Attelli in Casablanca, establishing the group’s first production footprint in Morocco, and subsequently on the African continent. In addition, Barry Callebaut is entering into a long-term supply agreement for compound with Attelli. This partnership allows the company to cater to local demands and accelerate its expansion in North Africa.

"We are delighted to partner with Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading chocolate manufacturer," said Hadrien Devichi, general manager, Attelli. "Thanks to the agreement, we can expand our product portfolio at the highest international quality standards and offer our customers a wider range in Morocco and beyond."

The signing of this long-term agreement comes five months after the opening of the CHOCOLATE ACADEMY Center in Casablanca, Morocco, a creative platform where chefs and artisans can showcase and develop their talent and skills. The CHOCOLATE ACADEMY Center and the factory will complement each other by offering co-creating and co-developing opportunities as well as manufacturing solutions.

"After the opening of our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY Center in Casablanca, this is a new milestone that will unlock the promising market potential in North Africa," said Amine Mebrouki, general manager, Middle East & North Africa, Barry Callebaut. "Thanks to the partnership with Attelli SARL, we will gain further insights into the needs of local customers and provide locally produced goods, allowing us to drive growth in different segments, from gourmet to food manufacturers."

The parties agreed not to disclose any further terms of the agreement.