It's the same old story. Mike and Ike got too big to handle their own fame and suddenly the worst case scenario happened — they split.The two went their separate ways: "Mike" to be a musician, "Ike" an artist.

But thankfully, their good friend Nelly knew they worked better together than apart. So the Grammy Award-winning hip hop star took time out of his busy schedule to step in and help the iconic friends reconcile their differences. Thankfully, for candy fans everywhere, it worked!

Mike and Ikewere officially friends again by the Sweets and Snacks Expo, and Nelly was there to tell the world about it. In front of a large crowd, he informed everyone that in fact, the feud was finally over!

He says he personally bonded with Mike&Ike years ago, when he was seemingly solely supporting Just Born, the makers of the candy, with his allowance at just 6 years old. A true authentic fan, he told a crowd at the Expo that his favorite flavor is Original in the Green Box.

As part of the reunion, Mike and Ike have release a new flavor, Strawberry Reunion. No word yet on whether Nelly likes it, but let's just say we were 'shaking our tail feathers' when we tried it.