A year after the cataclysmic riff, Mike and Ike are together again and happier than ever.

mike and ike
Mike and Ike Strawberry Reunion

After citing irreconcilable creative differences, they chose to reunite for the fans — their passion for MIKE and IKE candy propelling the reconciliation.

And in honor of their making up, they are launching a new flavor, appropriately named, “Strawberry Reunion,” which will hit shelves this spring.

The couple has also added real fruit juice to their candies and amplified fruit flavor that will all come in redesigned packaging for the new flavor as well as its well-known flavors: Original Fruits, Tropical Typhoon, RedRageous, Berry Blast, Lemonade Blends, Italian Ice, Jolly Joes and ZOURS.

MIKE and IKE came back to their number one passion of making great tasting candy,” says Donald Houston, senior marketing manager, Just Born Candy.


Besides making candy, the duo has also been focusing on the launch of their new website.  By combining social media with new product and promotional information, fans can see what MIKE and IKE are up to and find out what’s coming next.


The Return of Mike and Ike Movie Trailer will run in theaters from May through September in conjunction with the company’s MIKE and IKE movie mania promotion.

mike and ike trailer


Filled with suspenseful music, corporate espionage and chase scenes the trailer has viewers on the edge of their seats, all in the name of candy.

Fans can enter to win movie tickets, home theater systems and other prizes, all in the name of MIKE and IKE. A national television, radio, outdoor and online advertising campaign will continue to promote the return of MIKE and IKE.