Le Chocolat de Francais Valentine’s Day line
Le Chocolat de Francais, Paris, France.
+(33) 9-72-54-95-40
Description: Known for combining French chocolate craftsmanship with the French art scene, Le Chocolat de Francais has launched a cheeky new trio of Valentine’s Day chocolate bars.
With packaging illustrated by artist Pieter Ceizer, the dark chocolate bar, 90 grams of 72 percent cocoa, asks the question made popular in Patti Labelle’s 1975 disco hit “Lady Marmalade”: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
The collection’s two 30-gram bars, both 42 percent milk chocolate, offer answers to the question, with “Non, merci,” or “No, thank you,” and “Oui, avec plaisir,” or “Yes, with pleasure.”
Ingredients: N/A
S.R.P.: €12