zChocolat Valentine’s Day collection
zChocolat, Forcalquier, Haute Provence, France.
(800) 529-9512
Description: With characteristic elegance, zChocolat demonstrates why the French reign supreme when it comes to romance. Featuring 10 stunning products, the 2018 Valentine’s Day Collection combines the most requested recipes from Master Chocolatier Pascal Caffet with special, love-inspired extras, creating a line-up of gourmet gifts perfect for anyone with reason to celebrate this season. 
This year’s special-edition packaging features either an ornate key design or an embellished heart design, depending on the product. Delicate rose petals hidden beneath the lid of each box add instant romance and drama to each delivery. Like every zChocolat product, items from the Valentine’s Collection can be additionally customized with a personalized message, the recipient’s name engraved on the package, or even a heart-shaped padlock with an individually selected combination.
All-natural ingredients, exotic single-origin cocoas and an absence of preservatives ensure premium flavors, while zChocolat’s innovative recipes make each product an unforgettable experience. Among the available gifts are gold-covered chocolates and a half-pound, heart-shaped hazelnut praline.
Furthermore, zChocolat has introduced the limited-edition, 12-piece Je t’aime” box. With the word “Je t’aime” engraved on the lid, the box includes white chocolate hearts filled with dark chocolate ganache, hazelnut pralines in smooth milk chocolate, caramels coated in rich dark chocolate and a recently reimagined ginger praline in white chocolate.
Ingredients: N/A
S.R.P. (Je t’aime 12-piece): $80.83