Massachusetts cannabis grower and retailer Insa has released a line of limited-edition products for the holiday season. 

The seasonal line will feature two varieties of chocolate bars and two flavors of drops at all Insa locations in Massachusetts.

“Our mission this year was to infuse the flavors of the holiday season into each limited-edition product by using the highest quality ingredients,” said Julian Rose, head chef and director of R&D at Insa. “Each chocolate bar is crafted with European chocolate, and we use fresh cranberries in the recipe for cranberry drops. The holidays are for celebrating, and we wanted to curate each edible with that spirit in mind.”

Insa put its own spin on the classic Thanksgiving dessert by injecting the tart flavors of cranberry sauce into bite-sized Cranberry Sauce Drops with 5 mg THC per piece. The drops retail for $30.

Insa’s Peppermint Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Bar bursts with minty coolness and features rich dark chocolate, crunchy candy cane bits and peppermint. The bar has 5 mg THC per piece and retails for $30.

The Gingerbread Milk Chocolate bar features a blend of chocolate, gingerbread, sweet vanilla, and warm holiday spices. Insa’s revamped take on this classic flavor has 5 mg THC per piece and retails for $30.

In December, Insa will introduce Champagne Drops. This balanced blend of champagne flavor and 5 mg THC is lightly dusted with granulated sugar for an extra “pop.” The drops retail for $30.