Bazooka Candy Brands has launched the Totally Awesome gummies line, featuring mythical unicorn and dragon shapes.

Totally Awesome Dragons and Unicorns are a sweet escape into a fantastical world bursting with fruity flavor in faraway lands,” said Elizabeth Mangold, director of innovation and e-commerce for Bazooka Candy Brands. “Bazooka’s innovative candies both satisfy taste buds and entertain, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring these spectacular magical creatures to life as tasty gummy treats.”

The Unicorn Gummies’ mystical flavors symbolize their fairytale powers and include:

  • Red Strawberry PartyCorn: Unicorns who throw the best parties ever, granting extra special wishes for each and every guest.
  • Blue Raspberry Fashionista: Unicorns who help fellow fashionistas to accessorize their style with class and sass.
  • Purple Grape Sweet Dreamer: Unicorns who bring the sweetest of dreams that will make your life brighter after you wake up.
  • Green Watermelon Jetsetter: Unicorns who give wings for soaring around the world, collecting passport stamps and unforgettable memories.

The Dragon Gummies’ intense flavors are inspired by tales of lore and include:

  • Red Strawberry Blaze: Fire dragons who breathe fire so intense that they burn up every 50 years, growing more powerful with every regeneration.
  • Blue Raspberry Storm: Water dragons whose tail slam can splatter 15 gallons of water per second.
  • Purple Grape Viper: Magic dragons who use their long poisonous tongue to capture their prey by total surprise.
  • Green Watermelon Astro: Magic dragons who possess unstoppable mouth lasers that go off in every direction.

Totally Awesome Dragons and Unicorn Gummies are available at Walmart stores nationwide for $1 per 3.8-oz. bag and on