Bazooka Candy Brands has added two Strawberry Kiwi products to its Juicy Drop portfolio.

Now consumers can create their perfect mix of sweet and sour with the Strawberry Kiwi Juicy Drop Pop and Juicy Drop Gummies. Strawberry Kiwi joins other flavors such as Wild Cherry Berry, Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel and Watermelon Blast.

To enjoy Juicy Drop Pops, squeeze sour gel onto the sweet pop — try a little or a lot. Pulling the yellow handle will release the lollipop, while squeezing the clear button will drop the sour gel.

Every pack of pink and green Juicy Drop Gummies comes with sweet, chewy gummies and a sour gel pen for consumers to create their own sweet and sour sensation.

The 0.92-oz. Juicy Drop Pop and a 2.01-oz. pack of Juicy Drop Gummies are available for $1.85-$2 at retailers nationwide.