K’ul Chocolate Dark Chocolate Electrobar
K’ul Chocolate, Minneapolis, Minn.

(612) 344-4300

K’ul Chocolate launched its dark chocolate Electrobar this month, a functional-food chocolate bar inspired by athletes, including cyclists sponsored by K’ul (including the women’s cycling teams Koochella, Orion Racing, and Jet Cycling).

Noticing that these cyclists would reach for K’ul’s Saltsation bar after a race while sipping beverages that had added electrolytes and potassium in order to avoid muscle aches, spasms, and twitches, K’ul’s founder, Peter Kelsey, decided to create a bar that would provide electrolytes and potassium in a healthier format.

The Electrobar, which contains 70% dark chocolate, dried bananas, evaporated coconut water, toasted coconut, and Cyprus sea salt, also contain 375 grams of potassium and electrolytes. The bar is vegan as well as gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free. Unlike traditional chocolate bars which rely on folded, not sealed, packaging, the Electrobar (as well as all K’ul bars) are in sealed packets that can easily be carried in a pocket or inside a waistband. If the chocolate begins to melt, it will not leak, but can be sipped from the package like a beverage.

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