Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) has introduced a collection of 75% Dark Chocolate bars and baking chips made with oat milk and without sugar alcohols or sweetener substitutes.

“As a dietitian who believes that eating healthy can and should taste good, I love that Endangered Species Chocolate has created a lower sugar, dairy-free chocolate option that doesn't sacrifice taste, thanks to smooth and creamy oat milk,” said Rachael Hartley, RD, LD, certified intuitive eating counselor. “As I always remind my clients, depriving yourself isn't helpful, so eat the foods you enjoy, but that doesn't mean you have to ignore nutrition. Having a non-dairy, alternatively better chocolate option with the benefits of dark chocolate and no artificial sweeteners is a winning treat in my book.”

The call for a better chocolate was the driving force behind the product line’s creation. 

“Consumers were telling us they wanted the best of both worlds: a smooth, lower sugar chocolate with the benefits of a higher cocoa percentage and incredible taste,” said Whitney Bembenick, ESC director of marketing and innovation. “Because we only use simple ingredients, no bulking agents or sugar substitutes like stevia — oat milk was the perfect solution to give our dark chocolate lovers the taste profile they expect and the health benefits they want.”

The new oat milk 75% cocoa line includes three bars:

  • Oat Milk Coconut & Almonds + Dark Chocolate: Featuring a satisfying crunch of salted almonds
  • Oat Milk Mixed Berries + Dark Chocolate: Featuring an antioxidant blend of mixed berries
  • Oat Milk Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate: Featuring the sweet and salty balance of pure pink Himalayan salt

And for the bakers, Oat Milk + 75% Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips provide a smooth melt and a delicious dairy-free baking experience.

All are available now at chocolatebar.com, in Whole Foods Market and Fresh Thyme Market in January, in Thrive Market and News Seasons starting in February before expanding to other retailers in the spring.