Lluc Crusellas, the young winner of WCM 2022, will soon be sharing his awarded chocolate masterpiece in London.

The 170 Kg. elephant made of pure chocolate created by the Spanish World Chocolate Master conveys Crusellas’ message for the future: the hope that mankind and nature can thrive together.

The piece will be displayed in Harrod’s tea salon from April 13 until May 17.

An idea born in the mountains of Catalunya, created for the World Chocolate Masters competition, and praised with the highest of chocolate awards. Lluc Crusellas’ chocolate elephant was recognized by an international jury of pastry chefs and chocolatiers, a jury presided by chocolate celebrity Amaury Guichon.

Weighing around 170 Kg. and towering over its creator at more than 2 meters height, the piece was crafted so that chocolate lovers could delight at the sight of the sculpture and also find a conscious message in it—humans and nature at peace.

Since 2015, Harrods and WCM have been partnering to bring to life the most daring chocolate competition in the world. Through different challenges, the competition showcases the talents of world chocolate champions and at the same carries inspirational messages for the world in each year’s theme.

As an international community for chocolate chefs and lovers, the previous edition of WCM chocolate invited previous winners and finalists to be part of the jury. Some of these names included Elias Läderach from Switzerland (WCM 2018 Winner) and Harrods Senior Pastry Chef, Alistair Birt from the UK (WCM 2013 Finalist).

Last year, “what tomorrow tastes, looks and feels like” was represented the best by a Spanish chocolate visionary. At only 27, Lluc Crusellas understood the WCM 2022 theme and delivered it to perfection.