Nassau Candy will reveal its latest chocolate and exclusive gummy creations at the 2021 Sweets & Snacks Expo.

New to the Nassau Candy (Booth 21628) roster are hot chocolate bombs, milk chocolate cake batter, milk chocolate-covered red fish, milk chocolate sea salt caramel sandwich cookies, donut holes, a family-sized s’mores kit, and gummy glitter stars and moons.

“2020 into 2021 has been all about comfort and snacking, with chocolate, anything s’mores, and little bites of indulgence topping the must-have list,” says Les Stier, CEO and founder of Nassau Candy. “This year, we’re ahead of the trends, giving customers all their favorite comforts with new twists they will really appreciate. We’re excited to share new products bursting with chocolate, decadent pieces of batter and dough, as well as snacks to get the whole family in on the fun.”

Clever Candy Hot Chocolate Bombs 
Rich chocolate orbs filled with hot chocolate toppings like mini marshmallows melt and burst when dunked into a mug of hot milk. Wrap it up with packaging that features vibrant colors and these hot chocolate bombs blow the traditional hot chocolate experience out of the water. 

Clever Candy Glitter Sour Stars and Moons
Based on customer demand for space-themed confections, the new star- and moon-shaped gummies sport sparkling sour sugar. Clever Candy Gummy Glitter Sour Stars and Moons are great as favors for space-themed parties, baby showers, unicorn parties and countless other special occasions. 

AmuseMints S’mores Kits
Now available in a family size, this kit comes complete with marshmallows, milk chocolate bar, and crisp graham crackers. Combine with colorful packaging featuring a campfire, and this kit is a hot item for hotels and tourist destinations.

AmuseMints Milk Chocolate-Covered Cake Batter
For businesses looking to update their point-of-sale selection, there’s Milk Chocolate-Covered Cake Batter from Nassau’s AmuseMints brand. Chocolate-covered pieces with a rich cake batter-flavor center are even more appealing when packaged in a vibrant retro style graphic peg bag sporting a bowl and a whisk. 

Bulk Milk Chocolate-Covered Red Fish
Nassau Candy is introducing Milk Chocolate-Covered Red Fish for its bulk and bulk reseller category in 2021. Nassau Candy’s rich, creamy milk chocolate coats fruity, chewy red gummy fish.

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sandwich Cookies
These bite-size chocolate sandwich cookies are topped with freshly-made caramel, covered in gourmet milk chocolate and carefully sprinkled with sea salt for a premium presentation.

Donut Holes
Baked goods are another top craving and inspiration for Nassau Candy’s bulk Donut Holes and AmuseMints’ Donut Holes peg bag. The sweet, cakey goodness of a frosted donut is available in a poppable candy. The pink, speckled shell creates a fun and colorful presentation in bulk candy displays. Add in a colorful peg bag all speckled in sprinkles and letters shaped like donuts and you have an instant eye-catching presentation for any impulse section.

Nassau Candy will also be one of the first to merchandise its bulk offerings in the latest bulk candy display from Siffron, a leader in retail merchandising and loss prevention. The display features scoop bins in a tiered assembly for easy access and visibility to the product levels in the bins. 

For added food safety, each bin is equipped with a membrane to seal out harmful contaminants when not in use, in addition to scoop holders, self-closing lids, and a sugar tray underneath. Changing the bin sizes and types is simple due to the display’s modular design. Also included with the display is a bag holder that can be placed anywhere on the fixture.