Muddy Bites, the brand of bite-sized crunchy waffle cones filled with creamy, premium chocolate, can now be found in over 3,000 Walmart stores.
To commemorate this momentous launch, Muddy Bites and Walmart, in collaboration with YouTube sensation Matthew Beem, will be making an attempt to break the world record for the World’s Largest Ice Cream Cone on May 18. This will be a public event filled with Muddy Bites sampling opportunities and fun interactive stations for folks to take photos with the World’s Largest Ice cream Cone and will let the nation know that Muddy Bites is now at a Walmart store near them. 

We were able to talk to Jessie Ferraioli, head of marketing, Muddy Bites, about the product and how the company got its start.

Liz Parker: Can you tell me a bit about the Muddy Bites product and how it got launched?

Jessie Ferraioli: Muddy Bites was founded by Jarod and Tyler, two college friends from the ice cream capital of the world (i.e., Mars, Iowa). To no one’s surprise, they grew up eating hundreds, if not thousands of sundae cones throughout their childhood. There was always a sense of excitement and happiness every time they got down to the end of the sundae cone filled with chocolate, aka the best part. So they got to thinking... “why doesn’t anyone sell the bottom part of a sundae-cone?” Just like that: Muddy Bites was born. The product continues to break the internet with viral TikTok videos, partnerships with popular influencers, and viral memes. The momentum has helped our brand achieve popularity across the U.S.


LP: How did the brand secure distribution at Walmart?

JF: We gained distribution by attending Walmart’s Open Call for small businesses. The Muddy Bites sales team secured a “golden ticket,” securing nationwide shelf placement at 3000+ Walmart stores.


LP: Where else can the brand’s products be found?

JF: You can find our products on, Amazon, and in stores across the country such as BJ's, Hy Vee, Schnucks, Meijer, Gelson's, The Fresh Market, Giant, Stop & Shop, Harmon's, Ralphs, Rosauers, Harris Teeter, Old Navy, Raley's, Homeland, Woodman's, Menards, Winn Dixie, Michaels, Key Foods, and Foodtown.


LP: Anything new on the horizon for this year or the next?

This year we have plans to create even more flavors, launch into more national retailers such as Target and Albertsons Southern Division, and continue growing our team.