Nassau Candy, manufacturer of specialty and private label confections, has introduced the new kids on the bulk color block—Clever Candy Individual Color Bulk Bestie Bears Gummies and 850 Count Single-Color Bulk Gumballs at the 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo (booth #11948). Designed with bulk displays, candy charcuterie boards, and candy buffets in mind, the bulk gumball and gummy Bestie Bear lines are full of bold flavors and vivid colors.

“Single-color and color blocked displays have grown in popularity everywhere from retail outlets to events—even gender reveals, however, not a lot of manufacturers are creating large single-color bulk confection collections,” says Andrew Reitman, executive vice president, National Brand Confections for Nassau Candy. “Our new exclusive 850 Count Single-Color Gumballs and Individual Color Bestie Bears fill this hole while also improving on best-selling, iconic confections. Each item is great on its own, but when paired together will create a grand statement anywhere they’re presented.”

Clever Candy Bestie Bears turn the color and fruit flavor meters up to 12, offering 12 different flavor and color combinations all with a soft chew. Included in the mix are classic flavors like cherry, orange, and grape, to more exotic like pineapple, mango, and grapefruit. The colors are just as vibrant, featuring bold shades of red, orange, green, blue, and purple.

Clever Candy 850 Count Single-Color Gumballs offers the candy classic into a 17 sku collection offers primary colors like bright red, green, and white. For a touch of elegance, the line also offers shimmer options including light pink, powder blue, silver, and gold. 

In addition to bulk, the Single-Colored Gumballs and Individual Color Bestie Bears are available for private label packaged plan-o-grams. Nassau Candy already has plans in place to continue to grow its Clever Candy bulk and packaged offerings with new roll outs later in the year.

The Clever Candy Individual Color Bestie Bears and Clever Candy 850 Single-Color Gumballs are in stock and shipping. To check out the entire Clever Candy line, visit

Full List of Clever Candy Bestie Bear Colors and Flavors:

Light Green – Lime Flavor

Green – Watermelon Flavor

Dark Green – Green Apple Flavor

Purple – Grape Flavor

Dark Orange – Orange Flavor

Orange – Mango Flavor

Light Orange – Grapefruit Flavor

Yellow – Lemon Flavor

Light Yellow – Pineapple Flavor

Deep Red – Strawberry Flavor

Red – Cherry Flavor

Dark Blue – Blue Raspberry Flavor


Full List of Clever Candy 850 Count Single-Color Gumball Colors and Flavors:

Royal Blue – Blue Raspberry Flavor

Caribbean Blue – Blueberry Flavor

Bright Pink – Bubble Gum Flavor

Red – Cherry Flavor

Green – Apple Flavor

Orange – Orange Flavor

Yellow – Banana Flavor

Purple – Grape Flavor

Black – Tutti Frutti Flavor

White – Tutti Frutti Flavor

Shimmer Light Pink – Tutti Frutti Flavor

Shimmer Gold – Tutti Frutti Flavor

Shimmer Turquoise – Cotton Candy Flavor

Shimmer White – Tutti Frutti Flavor

Shimmer Powder Blue – Tutti Frutti Flavor

Shimmer Silver – Tutti Frutti Flavor

Shimmer Lavender – Tutti Frutti Flavor