Dynatrol DJ CIP Level Detectors furnish accurate high-, mid-, or low-level measurement of bulk solids materials ranging from low-density flakes and powders to pellets and heavy granular materials. Food industry applications vary from grains or sugar to flavorings, spices, and snack ingredients such as trail mix, dried fruit, and nuts. Also included are ingredients for sweets with a tendency to bridge or pack, including flour, cocoa, confectioners’ sugar, and various powders and fillers.

Its durable DJ Level Detectors contain no moving parts, gaskets, or seals and rely on mechanical oscillations to determine if the probe is covered or uncovered. Signals from the Detector operate a single pole double throw relay within the control unit and the relay contacts can be used to actuate alarms, indicator lights, or process control equipment.

Dynatrol Level Detectors are able to perform in dusty environments and in vessels equipped with vibrators. Specialized units can be used in temperatures exceeding 300°F and below freezing temperatures and refrigerated services.  

All level detectors are calibrated at the factory and do not require any field calibration before installation. Approved for Class I, Group D; Class II, Groups E, F, and G; and Class III services.