Company: Dynatrol


Equipment Snapshot: Dynatrol DJ Level Detectors have been successful as plugged chute detectors for most types of conveying.

They are also ideal for high, mid or low point level detection providing dependable operation in dusty environments as well as on vessels, storage bins or hoppers equipped with vibrators.  Easily obtain accurate level measurements for Food industry bulk solids materials ranging from low-density flakes and powders to pellets and heavy granular materials.

These durable level detectors are virtually wear-free. They contain no moving parts, gaskets or seals and rely on mechanical oscillations to determine if the probe is covered or uncovered. The units are factory calibrated with no field calibration required and approved for Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III Services.

Signals from the Dynatrol DJ Level Detector operate a single pole double throw relay within the control unit and the relay contacts actuate alarms, indicator lights or process control equipment. Crafted in the USA for over 60 years, Dynatrol point level detectors are built for a long operating life. They have proven reliable, with many varieties being in service for decades.