Aasted offers complete — and lasting solutions — for chocolate, bakery and confectionery production lines. Customers benefit enormously when opting for complete turnkey solutions, as evidenced before, during and after the installation, and finally culminating with the start-up of such an extensive production line.

Want to go nuts?

One example of such a complete turnkey solution is the Aasted Slab Line, which is the perfect choice for producing high quality granola and nougat bars either with or without inclusions. Moreover, it can be easily customized to fit any customer’s needs.

It’s important to note that the Slab Line was developed based on many years of experience with bar extrusion. Combine this with Aasted’s famous Alice extruder, and it’s easy to imagine a host of possibilities for innovative products.

Enhancing flexibility has always been a key foundation of Aasted’s engineering and design credo. By enabling various cutting equipment options, such as a rotary cutter, an ultrasonic slitter and an ultrasonic guillotine, customers are able to run different kind of masses with the appropriate cutting system.

Aasted’s Slab Line also offers several slab-forming possibilities with either cold/warm rollers or direct depositing onto the conveyor belt. The rollers ensure gentle handling of white nougat, caramel, granola, marzipan, fruit and protein bars using a simple, but very reliable, basic concept.

When deposited directly onto the conveyor belt, masses such as caramel, bird’s milk and chocolate are handled gently and efficiently. This provides advantages such as low shear as well as transitioning from a liquid state to a solid mass.

Confectionery desires?

Given its wide range of established equipment and highly innovative confectionery lines, Aasted can fulfill a customer’s most demanding confectionery desires. Not only does Aasted supply standalone units, such as the famous Alice depositor/extruder or the Bertha stencil depositor to complement a customer’s existing production line, the company can expedite complete confectionery solutions, customizing the line to meet existing demands and requirements.

With more than 90 years of experience in serving the chocolate, confectionery and bakery industries, Aasted combines innovation with expertise. As a result, the company remains confident that its long-lasting history in confectionery process controls will continue to serve customers well.

Customers can take advantage of that expertise firsthand at the Aasted Technology Center in Farum, Denmark, where confectionery and slab line solutions are available, constrained only by the customer’s imagination.

For more information, visit www.aasted.com.