Original Gourmet Food Co. is launching a new mystery flavor for its signature lollipops.

Each pop is hidden in an opaque yellow wrapper with multicolor question marks, making them easy to spot among the everyday transparent lollipop wrappers. The wrapper fully conceals the pop’s identity, which can only be discovered by tasting the flavor inside.

The mystery flavor will be available for a limited time this fall in all stores that carry Original Gourmet lollipop displays. There are only two mystery lollipops in each 60-ct. refill bag which stores will use to replenish their displays.

Original Gourmet says it hopes the mystery flavor will help grow stores’ incremental sales. A wide array of display options strategically placed at the register area creates a solid increase of impulse item sales.

For more information email marketing@ogfc.net or call 603-894-1200.