Sweet Candy Sushi
sweet C bakery, Winnipeg, M.B., Canada
(204) 291-6331

Made completely of sweet ingredients and fresh to order, sweet C bakery’s candy sushi puts a sweet spin on a delicious cuisine. The sushi pieces are made of homemade crispy rice cake topped with a variety of other candy such as licorice, gummy fish, sanding sugars, and fruit roll ups. The large trays come complete with “wasabi” (homemade vanilla buttercream) and “soy sauce” (chocolate syrup). Orange melting chocolate replaces spicy mayo and black sanding sugar takes the place of toasted sesame. To complete the experience, the tray comes with baran grass and chopsticks.

The sushi comes in a variety of sizes:

  • Extra Small Bento - 3 piece
  • Small Bento - 5 piece
  • Medium Tray - 10 piece (includes chopsticks, wasabi, and soy sauce)
  • Large Tray - 16 piece (includes chopsticks, wasabi, and soy sauce)
  • X-large Boat - 22 piece (includes chopsticks, wasabi, and soy sauce)
  • Party Platter- 44 pieces (includes chopsticks, wasabi, and soy sauce)

Ingredients: Marshmallows, rice crispies, Tangy Zangy, Fruit by the Foot, licorice, margarine, Airheads, Swedish Fish, Live Wires, autumn sanding sugar.

S.R.P.: $5, $6, $12, $18, $20, $38 CDN.