Iceland’s Omnom Chocolate is elevating the Easter basket with its newest selections.

The company’s chocolate is made with high quality ingredients and produced utilizing 100 percent geothermal energy. Omnom’s Easter offerings include:

Mr. Carrots’ Easter Treats: This year, Omnom’s chocolate bunny, Mr. Carrots, decided to take the year off and get some rest and relaxation. But he didn’t leave Omnom empty handed — he’s shared his favorite Easter treats: Mango-Passion and Milk Chocolate Almonds. 

The acidity of the passion fruit and the fruitiness of the mango intertwine perfectly with the velvety texture and sweet flavor of the milk chocolate, coming together with the salty toasted almond. 

Omnom’s Lakkris Sea Salt Krunch: Crunchy malt balls coated in Icelandic white chocolate made with sweet licorice powder and hand-harvested fresh sea salt.