Icelandic bean-to-bar maker Omnom Chocolate has introduced a S’mores Kit in celebration of summer.

The kit features Omnom’s caramel bar, which was originally made as a special edition chocolate bar for “Reykjavik Pride” in Iceland but has since become an Omnom favorite offered year-round. This creamy milk chocolate bar is filled with glittery chunks of caramel and adds a fun twist to the classic s’mores recipe. 

Omnom’s S’mores Kit also includes four artisanal marshmallows, eight buttery oat cookies made by local Icelandic bakery Brauð & Co, and four bamboo skewers. The instructions are simple: toast a marshmallow, break up the caramel bar, assemble between the cookies, squish, and enjoy.

The kit is available on and retails for $24.99.