Omnom, Iceland’s first and only bean-to-bar chocolate maker, is making chocolate personal this Valentine’s Day with its Love Collection.

The gift box features a sweet candygram card and two Icelandic chocolate bars: Sea Salted Toffee and Lakkris + Raspberry. 

Sea Salted Toffee: Delectable, creamy caramel toffee chocolate sprinkled with fresh, crunchy Icelandic sea salt. Cupid couldn’t have made a better match.

Lakkris + Raspberry: A new recipe for 2021, this flavor gets its inspiration from the Scandinavian candy aisles lined with sweet licorice. The creamy licorice and chocolate base blend harmoniously with the tart, sweet sprinkles of raspberry.

Available on, the Love Collection retails for $18.99. The two individual Valentine's Day bars sans gift box are also available on Amazon for $8.99 each.