Clean eating trends are the talk of the food world as an increasing number of health-conscious consumers seek foods that are labelled organic and “preservative-free.” This increased focus and adoption of nutritious eating habits and healthier lifestyles has enhanced awareness about the benefits of consuming organic food.

Nonetheless, few would refuse that snack bar for a quick hunger fix or a piece of candy to alleviate a sweet craving, particularly when it involves organic confectionery and snacks that do not add to the consumer’s calorie count or enable “permissible indulging.”

With several healthy snacking options on the rise, the organic food and beverage industry is expanding swiftly in the confectionery and snacks segment. Allied Market Research experts estimate the industry will reach $327.6 billion in sales by the year 2022.

Food and beverage product manufacturers are keeping pace with the healthy eating trends among the global populace and introducing products that are organic and preservative-free. Candies, sweets and chocolates are now being produced by several big brands with a focus on the creation of products that do not contain artificial colors, flavors, corn syrup, and are gluten- and gelatin-free.

The emergence of gluten-free and gelatin-free candies

Several large and midsized confectionery manufacturers as well as smaller artisan craftsmen have realized the need to introduce organic options in their food products portfolio. This has propelled the rise of several innovative sweets and candies in the market that are touted to be gluten- and gelatin-free. Eliminating the use of gluten in the production of candy and adding natural flavors and sweeteners has turned into a win-win situation for many candy-makers.

Not only are there a large number of takers for such organic candy, but consumers also love the concept of buying sweets and snacks that are consciously healthy. The use of gelatin has also been cut down by candy manufacturers in a bid to create products that are vegan and do not have animal-based ingredients in them.

Even snacks bars and nutrition bars are going organic as a better-for-you pull prompts manufacturers to experiment with superfoods such as chia, flaxseed, dry fruits, nuts, and natural sweeteners in the end-product. This has ushered in an era of clean eating and created a niche for snacks and candy that can provide healthy alternatives. Candy manufacturers that have launched their own line of organic confections include names such as Hillside Candy, Whitewave Foods, Simply Natural, Yummy Earth and Candy Warehouse. 

Competitors gearing up for lucrative market landscape

The latest breed of health-enthusiasts and “clean-eating” consumers are not averse to consuming candy and snacks, but are more aware of what goes into the food that satisfies their cravings. It has raised the expectations for organic candy and set new trends in the candy industry for manufacturers and candy producers to meet.

Candy manufacturers and companies are leaving no stone unturned and have geared up to launch the best and flavorful confectionery products that are healthy and do not compromise on the organic ingredients used to make them. Establishing their market presence in various markets, the competitors have launched products at competitive prices and claim to have the most diverse and tastiest range of candy and sweets in store for choosy customers.

The competitive landscape appears lucrative as several players are acquiring or tying up with other candy-makers to make the best sweets and confections for the expanding consumer base. This aids in expanding the scope of their operations through existing customers, and also adds more products to their portfolio. Some examples include Wholesome Sweeteners’ acquisition of TruSweets and Runamok Maple’s acquisition of Bascom Maple Farms’ butter candy product line among others.

Organic eating trends are expected to significantly change the dynamics of the food and beverage industry. The emergence of confections and snacks that do not contain gluten, gelatin or artificial flavors will kick start the healthy snacking trends and ensure that health enthusiasts can indulge in their cravings without guilt.

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