The new chairman of the National Confectioners Association’s 2019-2020 Board is Kirk Vashaw, president of Spangler Candy Co.
Vashaw, who in 2008 became the seventh president in Spangler Candy Co.’s 111-year history, and who is the first fourth-generation family member to lead the company, has been actively involved with the NCA. In 2012, he was honored with the inaugural NCA “Member Advocate of the Year” award for his efforts in persuading members of Congress to reform the U.S. sugar policy. 
The NCA also named the following people to the board:
  • Vice Chairman: Paul Chibe, Ferrero, USA
  • Treasurer: Marty Palmer, Palmer Candy Co. 
And new Board members include:
  • Carrie Abbott, Newfangled Confections
  • Mark Schlott, R.M. Palmer Candy
  • Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolate Co.
  • Cocoa Processor: Florian Girthofer, Cargill
  • Supplier: Graham Nice, Campbell Wrapper Corp.