Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG highlighted a new product range at ISM: the Cocoa Selection.

With only three ingredients — cocoa, sugar and milk in one variety — the recipes are reduced to the essential and guarantee an authentic cocoa flavor.

The three varieties are distinguished by their cocoa content (55 percent, 61 percent and 74 percent).

For each variety, Ritter Sport uses cocoa from only one country of origin, i.e. Ghana, Nicaragua and Peru. This single-origin principle is a special feature in the volume market and aims to enable consumers to experience an entirely new dimension of cocoa as a natural raw material.

“Current studies indicate that the purchasing decisions of many consumers are still caught between a desire for sustainability on the one hand and price sensitivity on the other. With the Cocoa Selection as a spearhead of our range, we strive to anchor more strongly in consumers’ perception the value of cocoa as a raw material and our responsibility for its entire value chain, from cultivation through to the finished product,” explains Andreas Ronken, CEO at Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG.

The three varieties include:

  • Smooth, with 55 percent cocoa from Ghana is a dark milk chocolate new to the volume market and promises fans of full-milk chocolate a new flavor experience.
  • Fine, which features 61 percent cocoa and accentuates the flowery-nutty character of fine cocoa from Nicaragua.
  • Intense, which features 74 percent cocoa and highlights the intensive flavor characteristic of Peruvian cocoa.

Ritter also launched a new Almond and Orange bar during ISM, which features dark chocolate and a zesty orange flavor.