chuao breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed Collection
Chuao Chocolatier
San Diego, Calif.
(888) 635-1444
This collection is the perfect treat for anyone who loves chocolate for breakfast! The assortment includes five decadent bonbons inspired by Chuao’s favorite meal.

  • Java — a rich coffee buttercream in dark chocolate
  • Maple Bacon — made with maple bacon, caramel, and  bonfire smoked sea salt, it’s wrapped in milk chocolate
  • Orange Bliss — caramelized orange peel, orange liqueur are combined with a dark chocolate ganache
  • French Toast — cinnamon buttercream, toasted panko breadcrumbs and maple syrup are wrapped in milk chocolate
  • Rose Garden— rosewater caramel is covered in dark chocolate

It's available for a limited time.
S.R.P.: (5-piece) $15