Aasted has announced it will close its office in Toronto and will establish itself in solely in the United States, with offices in Bohemia, N.Y., and Glyndon, Md.

The changes are a result of the merger between Aasted-Mikroverk and A.E. Nielsen.

“We have come to this decision due to the changes in market conditions among our customers, the global infrastructure, and in appreciation of a growing demand and need from our customers for an even more direct communication,” says Mads Hedstrøm, president cso, Aasted ApS.

The company’s two former agents on the North American market, Per Karlsen, Karlsen Food Systems, and Ray Cote, American Chocolate Mould Co., have joined forces, and will represent the new Aasted North America.

American Chocolate Mould will continue to operate as usual, still representing the various suppliers that they currently represent, Cote says.

“With the establishment of Aasted North America being a natural consequence of the merger between Aasted-Mikroverk and A.E. Nielsen, we have consolidated our sales forces, blending experience and competence within the North American market,” Hedstrøm says.

For more information, visit http://www.aasted-northamerica.com/. For more information about American Chocolate Mould, viist www.americanchocolatemould.com.