Monday Morning, April 13

Basics and Beyond Seminar: Fats and Oils for Confectionery and Snack Products


Moderator Edmund Wilson, consultant for the confectionery and snack industry, launches the session with a review of raw seeds and their conversion to edible oils, followed by a look at what makes specialty fats “special,” along with application and processing issues related to these oils. The session concludes with a presentation on various high stability oils – their application, strengths and weaknesses.

Vegetable Oil Processing - Raw & Intermediate


Andrew Bunger, v.p. of sales, Fuji Vegetable Oil, Inc., reviews the processing steps from refining the crude oil to bleaching, hydrogenation and interesterification, both chemical and enzymatic, and the impact this processing has on the finished oil or fat. An accompanying paper on the subject was authored by Thomas McBrayer, R&D director,Fuji Vegetable Oil, Inc.

Coating and Filling Fats

AarhusKarlshamn USA’s, Jeffrey Fine, customer innovation, takes a look at what makes coating fats and filling fats special and different from other fats. He will explain the distinctions between CBS, CBR and CBE, as well as their respective advantages, disadvantages and limitations. The presentation also covers the practical concerns of shelf life, bloom and compatibility, along with the unique properties of filling fats.

High Stability Oils – Function and Applications


Tom Tiffany, senior technical sales manager, ADM Oils, reviews the high stability oils currently on the market with information regarding their physical and chemical properties. This presentation discusses the versatility of using high stability oils in the aforementioned blends and interesterification, providing insight into the influence of these oils on the oxidative stability and the physical attributes of these blends.

Monday Afternoon, April 13

Supplier Exhibition


Tuesday Morning, April 14 


Rose Potts, sensory programs manager, Blommer Chocolate Co., moderates the morning session.

Regulatory Update for the Confectionery Industry 2015

Laura Shumow, director of scientific and regulatory affairs, National Confectioners Association, provides the latest federal and local regulatory and policy developments impacting the confectionery industry.


Protein in Sweet Confection Applications

Tessa Porter, research and development manager of product development, Ferrara Candy Co., covers protein in the current snack aisle, outlines health and product label benefits of different protein sources and qualities, and discusses incorporating proteins into confectionery formulas.


Energy Conservation – A Key Ingredient in Making Chocolate


Blommer Chocolate Co.’sEric Bliss, senior engineering manager, discusses the process of starting an energy conservation program and key components of a successful program implementation. He will offer practical ideas for immediate energy savings and focus on energy management. 


Using New Sensory Methods to Explore Chocolate and Nuts


With the help of Myrna Fossum, sensory evaluation expert, attendees will participate in an interactive presentation that will awaken emotions and senses to fully evaluate food products, particularly, chocolate and nuts. She will look at how retail stores and consumer products alike can rely on holistic sensory methods to satisfy customers and solidify their brands.


PMCA Research Committee Update

Eric Schmoyer, research and development project manager, Barry Callebaut, USA, provides an overview of the activities of the research committee including current grant-in-aid research projects.


PMCA Education and Learning Committee Update


Peter Jamieson, lead food scientist, Atlas Point Technical Services, offers a report on the association’s short course program including highlights of recent courses and a look at future offerings.


PMCA Student Outreach Committee Update

Mark Freeman, v.p. of sales, Shank’s Extracts, gives an overview of the activities of the committee including a review of the growth and success of the program and future outlook.


Tuesday Afternoon, April 14

Reginald Ohlson, retired, Mars, Inc., moderates the afternoon session.


The Palate Pleasing Joy of Sweet / Savory / Salty Combinations

Daniel Goldich, executive chef, Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, hosts a Q&A session surrounding his ingredient choices for the sweet/savory/salty dessert combinations attendees will experience during lunch.


Sweet & Savory Satisfies: A Trendspotter’s Perspective


David Michael & Co.’s Victoria Ward, marketing & consumer insights manager, looks at the root of a growing trend: the sweet and savory flavor fusion dominating food and beverage development. The presentation explores its origin, why our bodies crave sweet and savory food combinations as well as millennial consumers’ influence on the trend.


Salty Snacks for Confections

Nikki Shumansky, sales manager, KLN Family Brands, discusses important considerations in selecting the right snack base, examining each of the different types of bases available and the advantages of each.


Considerations for Using Snack Components & Savory Ingredients in Confectionery Operations

Pam Gesford, staff scientist – S&R Research, The Hershey Co., focuses on crossover confections that blur the traditional line between snacks and confections using snack components and savory ingredients. She looks at general practices as well as some more specific examples of issues that can arise from using these unusual ingredients or making snack/confection hybrid products.

Keynote Address

Tuesday Evening, April 14, 2014

Our Industry Focus: Rethink, Refresh, Renew


John H. Downs, Jr.,president and ceo, National Confectioners Association, brings a fresh perspective to the industry after more than 28 years in the global Coca-Cola system. He outlines what he sees as critical issues for the chocolate, gum and candy industry and how to guide the industry to a bold and bright future.


Wednesday Morning, April 15

Steven Genzoli, v.p. - quality assurance/research and development, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., will moderate the morning session.


Addressing the challenges of cocoa beans supply in Côte d’Ivoire


Louis Koko, soil fertility scientist, CNRA, Cocoa Program, Côte d’Ivoire, focuses on the role of fertilizers in yield improvements and securing the supply of cocoa beans in Côte d’Ivoire, highlighting the agronomic effectiveness of fertilizers to improve yields of cocoa in research conditions. He also discusses the implications of fertilizer programs for securing the supply of beans.


Nut Pasteurization Principles & Process Control Measures for Achieving High Food Safety Standards


Mark A. Kline, staff scientist, The Hershey Co., discusses three key areas to mitigate Salmonella risk and improve food manufacturer’s nut processing food safety plans. He reviews process control measures such as best practices, analysis of hazards and identification of critical control points (HACCP) including both pre- and post-processing, along with principles of pasteurization technologies.


Lecithin – The Natural and Powerful Substance


Peter Fismer, managing director, Fismer Lecithin, GmbH, examines the subject of IP and labeling issues related to various lecithin types (soy, sunflower and canola), are of growing importance. The presentation will also cover availability in volume, the differences in application and the origin of these lecithin types.


Alkalizing Cocoa and Chocolate

Blommer Chocolate Co.’s Arlen D. Moser, research and development manager, presents the most common processes of alkalization and differences in production and quality impact. He clarifies how different alkalized cocoas and chocolates are produced and why they are chosen.




Alex Diaz, senior manager of the Packaging Systems Engineering group in Global Technology and Optimization at The Hershey Co., provides an update on current trends in packaging robotics.


Supplier Exhibition

The 2015 Production Conference will once again feature the highly popular supplier exhibition on Monday afternoon from 12:30-5:00pm in Freedom Hall of the Lancaster County Convention Center.


Supplier Exhibition Registrations as of January 21, 2015

  • AAK
  • Aasted-North America LLC
  • ADM Cocoa
  • ADM/Matsutani LLC
  • Almond Board of CA
  • American Chocolate Mould Company
  • Bainbridge Associates LLC
  • Baker Perkins
  • Barry Callebaut
  • Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
  • BENEO, Inc.
  • Berndorf Belt Technology
  • Blommer Chocolate Company
  • Blue Pacific Flavors
  • Bosch Packaging Technology
  • Bühler Inc.
  • California Natural Products
  • Capol LLC
  • Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate
  • Cargill - Zerose® erythritol
  • Carle & Montanari – OPM USA
  • Carlyle Cocoa Co.
  • Cavanna Packaging USA, Inc.
  • Centerchem, Inc.
  • Ciranda, Inc.
  • Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc.
  • W.A. Cleary Products
  • Colorcon
  • Concord Foods, Inc.
  • Contibelt Systems, Inc.
  • Creative Food Ingredients
  • Crosio & Associates, Inc.
  • Dairy Farmers of America
  • David Michael & Co.
  • DDW “The Color House”
  • Delavau
  • Domino Specialty Ingredients
  • Driam USA, Inc.
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health
  • Edlong Dairy Technologies
  • Firmenich, Inc.
  • Flavorchem
  • FONA International
  • Franz Haas Machinery
  • Fuji Vegetable Oil Inc.
  • Galloway Company
  • GEA Process Engineering, Inc.
  • GNT USA, Inc.
  • Golden Peanut & Tree Nut
  • Grain Processing Corporation (GPC)
  • Graybill Machines, Inc.
  • Guittard Chocolate Company
  • Hamburg Dresdner Machinenfabriken USA
  • Hanover Packaging, div. of TimBar Pkg. & Display
  • HDG North America
  • Herding Filtration LLC
  • Hilliard’s Chocolate Systems
  • HMC
  • Hosokawa Bepex
  • IFC Solutions (formerly Int’l Foodcraft)
  • Industrial Food Ingredients
  • Ingredion, Inc.
  • Kargher
  • KOCO, Inc.
  • Landers Group, LLC
  • Mantrose-Haeuser
  • MC/Manufacturing Confectioner
  • Micelli Chocolate Mold Co.
  • Multifilm Packaging
  • Murnane Specialties, Inc.
  • NETZSCH Premier Technologies LLC
  • Nexira, Inc.
  • Nitta Gelatin
  • Nutec Group
  • Nutrin Distribution
  • Palsgaard Incorporated
  • Pinova Holdings, Inc.
  • Pocantico Resources, Inc.
  • Precision Roll Grinders, Inc.
  • Printpack
  • PROVA Inc.
  • PTL (Production Techniques Ltd.)
  • Readco Kurimoto, LLC
  • Roquette
  • Savage Bros
  • Scala-Wisell International Inc.
  • Schebler Food Equipment
  • Schenck Process
  • William A Schmidt
  • Sensient Colors LLC
  • SensoryEffects
  • Sensus America, Inc.
  • Schick USA
  • Silesia Flavors, Inc.
  • Sollich North America LLC
  • Stern Ingredients Inc.
  • Takasago International Corp. (USA)
  • Temuss Products Limited
  • Texture Technologies Corp.
  • Tomric Systems
  • Tricor Systems Inc.
  • Turbo Systems
  • United Cocoa Processor
  • Union Confectionery Machinery Company
  • Union Process, Inc.
  • Virginia Dare
  • The Warrell Corporation
  • Webber/Smith Associates, Inc.
  • Whetstone Industries
  • WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients
  • Woody Associates Inc.
  • WRH Industries


25 Year Exhibitor Recognition

The following companies have exhibited for twenty five years or more at the PMCA Production Conference:

  • AAK
  • ADM Cocoa
  • American Chocolate Mould Co.
  • Baker Perkins
  • Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
  • Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate
  • Carle & Montanari – OPM USA
  • Centerchem Inc.
  • Colorcon
  • David Michael & Co.
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health
  • Emkay Confectionery Machinery
  • Fuji Vegetable Oil Inc.
  • Hilliard’s Chocolate System
  • Ingredion Incorporated
  • KOCO Inc.
  • Loar & Young, Inc.
  • IOI Loder’s Croklaan
  • Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.
  • Multifilm Packaging
  • Readco Kurimoto, LLC
  • Roquette America, Inc.
  • Sensient Colors, Inc.
  • Stern Ingredients, Inc.
  • Tate & Lyle
  • Tricor Systems
  • Turbo Systems, Inc.
  • Union Confectionery Machinery Company
  • Virginia Dare
  • Woody Associates Inc.
  • WRH Industries Ltd.