PMCA’s 68th Annual Production Conference, which will be held April 14-16 in Lancaster, Pa., focuses on the use of dairy ingredients in its Back to Basics program. In addition, presentations will address worldwide sustainability issues as well as various formulation and processing challenges.

Monday Morning, April 14,


Basics and Beyond Seminar: Using Dairy in Confections

Shawn Houser

Moderator Shawn Houser, director of snacks and adjacencies product development, The Hershey Co., kicks off this half-day seminar on dairy ingredients by highlighting the presentations, which not only will provide basic information, but also take a look at some advanced techniques and new technologies.



Milk-derived Ingredients for Confections

Kerry E. Kaylegian

Kerry E. Kaylegian, dairy foods research & extension associate, Pennsylvania State University will follow milk through the production of fluid milk ingredients (milk, cream), condensed ingredients (evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk), concentrated ingredients (milk protein concentrates, butter, anhydrous milk fat), dry ingredients (milk powders, whey), and other products (whey, lactose). Key factors affecting the quality of milk will be identified.This presentation will include a live demonstration on the production of butter from cream and butter oil from butter.


Chocolate Formulation & Processing in the 21st Century

Jorge Bouzas

Chocolate and chocolate confectionery combined, account for 60 percent of sales for the confectionery industry worldwide. Jorge Bouzas, v.p. - research, development and quality, Ferrara Candy Co., provides a detailed overview of chocolate and compound formulation and processing technologies. The presentation will also highlight the application of the various dairy ingredients available for industrial use and will explore differences in chocolate rheology, sensory and texture attributes based on the different technologies used: crumb, whole milk powder, roller dried milk, skim milk powder, milk fat, and whey derivatives. Bouzas will also review critical new ingredient opportunities, ending with a demonstration of key sensory and texture attributes, chocolate ruggedness as well as rheology parameters.

Xiaoqing Huang


Sugar Confections made with Dairy Ingredients

Xiaoqing Huang, senior manager, sweets and refreshment product development, Hershey (Shanghai) Foods Research and Development Co. Ltd.


Monday Afternoon, April 14

Supplier Exhibition

Steve Genzoli


Tuesday Morning, April 15 

Steve Genzoli, v.p., quality assurance / research & development, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., will moderate the morning session.


Dairy Sustainability Production

Tony Brubaker Justin Risser

Pennsylvania dairy farmers boast a proud history of caring for their cows and land while providing a safe and steady milk supply. While that heritage continues on modern farms, increased sensitivity to environmental concerns, expensive regulatory compliance, fluctuating input costs and milk prices, and a dwindling land base challenge the industry’s sustainability. Tony Brubaker, partner, Brubaker Farms and Justin Risser, partner, Meadow Vista Dairy, focus on dairy sustainability efforts to manage profitable operations that protect scarce natural resources for the next generation of farmers to ensure a reliable milk supply in the future.


New Zealand: How a Global Dairy Industry was Built and Maintained

Rachel Marshall

New Zealand is a key player in the globally traded dairy industry, supplying a wide range of ingredients for many applications in more than 140 countries. Rachel Marshall, account manager, Fonterra (USA) Inc., will begin her presentation by touching briefly on New Zealand dairy history and the current make up of the industry. She will then explain how innovation and continuous improvement has been applied to create a sustainable industry, including farming practices, processing technologies and the creation of new ingredients. Comparisons will be made between the New Zealand and U.S. dairy industries and their relative scale and farming practices. Marshall concludes her overview with insights on New Zealand dairy’s contribution to the confectionery industry and comments on emerging trends in global dairy.


Dairy Flavors for Confectionery Applications

Laura Enriques Rick Schultz

Laura Enriques, v.p. – technical solutions & Rick Schultz, v.p. -  research & development, EDLONG Dairy Technologies, highlight the advantages of increasing the impact of characterizing dairy profiles, masking off flavors, enriching mouth feel perception and reducing formulation costs through commodity reduction. Dairy flavors provide the ability to take a base confection in a variety of taste directions, solely through the manipulation of levels and types of added flavor compounds. A full range of dairy flavors that are non-allergenic, allowing food technologists the ability to formulate dairy free, non-allergenic confections while delivering dairy flavor impact, will be discussed. This presentation will also focus on the specific flavor compounds typically found in butters, milks and cream. 


Application of Fruit and Fruit Ingredients in Formulating Confectionery Products

Gagan Mongia

Fruits have long been recognized as an important part of the diet, and confections made with fruit and plant parts have existed forever. Confectioners have a number of different options on how to incorporate fruit into their products. The choice of the fruit ingredient is mainly impacted by the goals that are to be fulfilled for the product attributes and the capabilities available to the manufacturer. Gagan Mongia  – senior manager, food research and technology, The Hershey Co. covers the choices of fruit-based ingredients available to the confectioners and the factors that impact their selection, such as target product attributes, processing requirements, regulatory guidelines and consumer expectations.


High Potency Sweeteners and Their Use in Confectionery Applications

Didem Icoz

High potency sweeteners (HPS) have been used in reduced or sugar-free beverages for years to reduce calories where they deliver the desired sweetness with no bulking requirements.  They have also made their way into confections where the replacement of the bulk and functionality of sucrose becomes more difficult.  Didem Icoz, senior research scientist, Ingredion, addresses the key characteristics of a variety of HPSs and provides tips for product developers when handling, processing and formulating with HPSs in selected confectionery applications, including chewing gum, hard candy/gummy/jelly, chocolate/compound coating, and tablets.


Tuesday Afternoon, April 15

Cynthia Angelo, food scientist, sweet goods applications, Givaudan Flavors Corp., will moderate the afternoon session.


Regulatory Update for the Confectionery Industry 2014

Laura Shumow

Laura Shumow, director of scientific and regulatory Affairs, National Confectioners Association, will provide an overview of FDA regulatory and policy developments impacting the confectionery industry. There are no shortage of new rules and regulatory activities to discuss this year. Implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act is in full swing and this talk will summarize food safety rules proposed to date. Health and wellness is an ongoing policy focus as the process to develop the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans is underway.


Robert Rogers

Designing and Implementing a Robust Foreign Material Detection and Prevention Program

Customer complaints and product recalls due to contamination from foreign materials continues to be a common occurrence. Robert Rogers, senior advisor food safety & regulation, Mettler-Toledo details various methods to control, detect and remove products that have been contaminated with foreign material.


Global Regulations of Food Colors

Color regulations are constantly evolving. Nonetheless, Sue Ann McAvoy, global regulatory scientist, Sensient Colors LLC, provides the latest update by covering each of the major geographic areas of the world — United States, Canada, EU, Asia-Pacific, Australia — as well as the role of Codex in the regulatory process. The discussion will cover the decision-making process regarding colors in each of the regulatory disciplines.


Partially Hydrogenated Oils and Alternatives

The FDA recently announced that it intends to remove the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in an effort to further reduce the use of trans fats. The elimination of partial hydrogenation as a tool to improve the functionality of fats has wide implications in the food industry. Andrew Bunger, v.p. –sales, Fuji Vegetable Oil, Inc., discusses the market segments affected by the ban on partial hydrogenation, things developers should consider when removing PHVO’s from formulations, examples of how lost functionality can be replaced, and finally what market issues arise in the shift to new raw materials.


PMCA Research Committee Update

Eric Schmoyer, R&D project manager, Barry Callebaut, USA and chairman of PMCA’s Research Committee, brings members up to speed on committee activities, including current grant in aid research projects.


PMCA Education and Learning Committee Update

As chairman of PMCA’s Education and Learning committee, Peter Jamieson, senior food scientist, Ingredion, reports on the association’s short course program, including highlights of recent courses and a look at future offerings.


PMCA Student Outreach Committee Update

The PMCA’s Student Outreach committee chairman, Mark Freeman, vice president of sales, Shank’s Extracts, provides an overview of the activities of the committee including a review of the growth and success of the program and future outlook.


Keynote Address | Tuesday Evening,
April 15, 2014


BaliWood - The Bamboo Chocolate Factory, Indonesia’s largest organic food company and the ideals of sustainable transformation.

Frederick Schilling, co-ceo and owner, Big Tree Farms (founder of Dagoba Chocolates) will share his experience in innovation, sustainability and building impact brands, all of which can act as catalysts to influence industry trends and spur growth. 


Wednesday morning, April 16

Reginald Ohlson, retired, Mars, Inc., will moderate the session.


International Cacao Conservation and Utilization – Trinidad’s Major Role

Antoinette Sankar– researcher/Ph.D. student - Cocoa Research Centre (CRC), the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, will reveal the rich history of international cacao conservation prevalent at the Cocoa Research Centre in Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of Trinitario cacao. Details of the many activities related to international cacao conservation and use in the context of Trinidad’s contributions will be presented along with their relevance to the global cacao supply.


Fortifying Chocolate and Confectionery Coatings with Protein

Russell Tietz, R&D Manager, Clasen Quality Coatings, discusses how incorporating proteins in chocolate and confectionery coatings serves as a great vector to make high protein snacks and confections while minimizing formulation and organoleptic issues that confectioners might normally have with a high protein products. Samples comparing a high protein coating to a standard protein coating will be provided.


Savory Flavors in Confections

Andrew Fellowes, sales director, F.D. Copeland.


Cocoa Farming in Indonesia – National Cocoa Sustainability, Problems and Solutions

Cacao sustainability, along with enhancing and improving cocoa production and productivity in Indonesia, has become a serious national issue for cocoa-producing countries. In his presentation, Muhammad Junaid, Cocoa Research Group, agriculture faculty, The University of Hasanuddin, Indonesia, explains the major challenges, being faced, including pest and disease management.


Cocoa Flavanols - Benefits, Market Relevance & Recent Advancements

More and more scientific research has been done on cocoa flavanols these last years, showing many positive health effects. The big question is whether cocoa or chocolates are suitable market vehicles for a health positioning. In his presentation, Ieme Blondeel - global project leader, Acticoa, Barry Callebaut combines processing history, market research and science into a clear overview on exploiting this potential.


Supplier Exhibition

The 2014 Production Conference will once again feature the highly popular supplier exhibition on Monday afternoon from 12:30-5:00pm in Freedom Hall of the Lancaster County Convention Center.

Supplier Exhibition Registrations as of January 10, 2014

  • AAK

  • Aasted-North America

  • ADM Cocoa

  • American Chocolate Mould Co.

  • Bainbridge Associates LLC

  • Balchem Encapsulates

  • Barry Callebaut

  • BASF – The Chemical Company

  • Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

  • BENEO, Inc.

  • Berndorf Belt Technology USA

  • Blue Diamond Growers

  • Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.

  • Bradman Lake

  • Brunner Chocolate Moulds

  • Bühler Inc.

  • Butter Buds Food Ingredients

  • California Natural Products

  • Capol LLC

  • Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

  • Cargill Confectionery Ingredients

  • Carle & Montanari – OPM U.S.A.

  • Carlyle Cocoa Company

  • Centerchem Inc.

  • Chefmaster

  • Chr. Hansen Inc.

  • Ciranda, Inc.

  • W.A. Cleary Products

  • Concord Foods, Inc.

  • Contibelt Systems, Inc.

  • Creative Food Ingredients

  • Crosio & Associates

  • CSC Sugar, LLC

  • Dairy Farmers of America

  • David Michael & Co.

  • Driam USA, Inc.

  • Egan Food Technologies

  • Emkay Confectionery Machinery

  • Eurofins

  • Fell & Company Int’l. Inc.

  • Flavorchem

  • FMC Corporation

  • FONA International

  • Franz Haas Machinery of America Inc.

  • Fuji Vegetable Oil Inc.

  • Galloway Company

  • GNT USA, Inc.

  • Grain Processing Corporation (GPC)

  • Graybill Machines Inc.

  • Guittard Chocolate Company

  • Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken

  • Herding Filtration LLC

  • Hilliard’s Chocolate System

  • HMC Manufacturing

  • Hosokawa Bepex

  • IFC Solutions (formerly International Foodcraft)

  • Industrial Food Ingredients Co.

  • Ingredion Incorporated

  • KOCO, Inc.

  • Landers Group LLC

  • Loar & Young Inc.

  • Mane, Inc.

  • Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc.

  • Manufacturing Confectioner/MC

  • Micelli Chocolate Mold Co.

  • Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.

  • Mother Murphy’s Laboratories

  • Multifilm Packaging Corp.

  • Murnane Specialties, Incorporated

  • National Confectioners Association (NCA)

  • NETZSCH Premier Technologies LLC

  • Nexira

  • Nitta Gelatin

  • Nutec Group

  • Nutrin Distribution

  • Palsgaard Incorporated

  • PB Leiner

  • Pocantico Resources, Inc.

  • Precision Roll Grinders, Inc.

  • Printpack

  • PTL (Production Techniques Ltd.)

  • Renessenz LLC

  • Roquette America Inc.

  • Russell Finex

  • Sandvik Process System

  • Savage Bros.

  • Schebler Food Equipment

  • Schenck Process

  • William A Schmidt

  • Sensient Colors LLC

  • Sensus America, Inc.

  • ShickUSA

  • Silesia Flavors

  • Solazyme, Inc.

  • Sollich North America LLC

  • Stern Ingredients Inc.

  • Sweetener Supply Corp.

  • Symrise

  • Takasago International Corp.

  • Tate & Lyle

  • Texture Technologies Corp.

  • TIC Gums

  • Tomric Systems, Inc.

  • Tricor Systems Inc.

  • Turbo Systems Inc.

  • Union Process Inc.

  • Varick Enterprises, Inc.

  • Virginia Dare

  • The Warrell Corporation

  • WEBBER/SMITH Associates Inc.

  • Woody Associates Inc.

  • World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

  • WRH Industries Ltd 

25 Year Exhibitor Recognition

The following companies have exhibited for twenty five years or more at the PMCA Production Conference:


  • AAK USA Inc.

  • ADM Cocoa

  • American Chocolate Mould Co.

  • Baker Perkins

  • Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

  • Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

  • Carle & Montanari – OPM U.S.A.Gag

  • Centerchem Inc.

  • Colorcon

  • David Michael & Co.

  • DuPont Nutrition & Health

  • Emkay Confectionery Machinery

  • Fuji Vegetable Oil Inc.

  • Hilliard’s Chocolate System

  • Ingredion Incorporated

  • KOCO Inc.

  • Loar & Young

  • Loder’s Croklaan

  • Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co.

  • Sensient Colors, Inc.

  • Turbo Systems, Inc.

  • Union Confectionery Machinery Company

  • Virginia Dare

  • Woody Associates Inc.

  • WRH Industries Ltd.