Mars Chocolate North America has announced the launch of several new chocolate products that premiered at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show held in Atlanta Oct. 18-21. The products will be available in the coming months.

“We are laser-focused on involving our customers and shoppers in our decisions,” says Tim LeBel, Mars Chocolate North America president of sales. “We’re listening, sharing insights and evolving to meet their needs. For example, we know that more consumers are sharing now more than ever, which has grown the bite-sized candy subcategory.”

 Mars will convert lay-down bags to stand-up pouches for M&M’S, Snickers and Twix candies.

“This conversion aims to transform the candy aisle by aligning packaging sizes and names across Mars’ bite-sized portfolio,” LeBel says. “This will make it easier for retailers to promote and merchandise across brands, plus it will improve the shopping experience for consumers.” 
Twix White Chocolate Cookie Bars
The limited-edition Twix White Chocolate Cookie Bars, launched this month, feature two crunchy cookie bars covered in caramel with a white-chocolate coating.
S.R.P.: $0.99 to $1.09
Three new goodnessknows flavors
Building on its 2015 launch, goodnessknows has added three new flavors to its lineup of snack squares, which combine fruits, whole nuts and dark chocolate. They include Blueberry & Almond, Mixed Berry & Almond and Strawberry & Peanut. These will hit shelves in December.
S.R.P.: (1.2-oz. package) $1.59 to $1.99

Snickers & Hazelnut Bar

With the growing popularity of hazelnuts, Mars will launch the Snickers & Hazelnut Bar in December. It has all the traditional aspects of a Snickers bar — peanuts, caramel and nougat covered in milk chocolate — but with the addition of hazelnuts.

S.R.P.: (1.76-oz. package) $0.99 to $1.09

Dove fruit-and-nut combinations
Two new Dove chocolate products will hit shelves in December. Dove Mixed Berries features strawberries, blueberries and cranberries covered in dark chocolate. Dove Cherry & Sea Salt Almond combines cherries, almonds and dark chocolate. Both will be available in resealable 5.5-oz. stand-up bags starting in December.
S.R.P.: (5.5-oz. package) $3.99 to $4.29
Maltesers Candies
Maltesers, a top-selling brand in the United Kingdom, will be introduced in the United States in January 2017. These bite-sized treats contain a crispy, airy center wrapped in milk chocolate.
S.R.P.: (1.3-oz. package) $1.09 to $1.39

M&M’S Caramel Chocolate Candies

These M&M’S have milk chocolate and a colorful candy coating like their classic counterparts, but they also have a creamy caramel center. Launching in April 2017, the Caramel Chocolate Candies will remain a permanent product in the M&M’S collection.

S.R.P.: (1.41-oz. package) $1.69 to $1.99