Wrigley has announced the launch of four new products that premiered at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show held in Atlanta Oct. 18-21. The products will be available in the coming months.

“Wrigley’s new innovations intend to help grow the category by delivering relevant products that meet shoppers’ needs,” says Edward Taylor, Wrigley v.p. of U.S. sales and operations. “We know that consumers are often running low on gum, so we’re giving the more gum in their favorite brands with the 35-stick Extra and 5 gum Mega Packs, and the new 40-ct. Orbit White soft chew that helps keep teeth white.”
Shoppers are also being given new ways to celebrate their favorite occasions with themed gum that offers new flavors.

Doublemint Perfectly Sweet

Doublemint Perfectly Sweet offers a new choice for consumers. Sweetened with only real sugar, has the flavor expected of Doublemint gum. It will be available in December.

S.R.P.: (12-stick envelope pack) $0.68

Orbit White

Bigger in size than Orbit pellets, Orbit White, is a sugar-free, soft-chew gum that helps keep teeth white. Orbit White will be offered in Spearmint and Peppermint flavors starting in January 2017.

S.R.P.: (40-count bottle) $3.49
Skittles Trick Plays
The limited-edition Skittles Trick Plays adds a fun twist on popular football strategy by keeping fans guessing. The candies’ exterior colors won’t match the flavors on the insider. Trick Plays will be in stores in time for the 2017 NFL season.
S.R.P.: $0.99


Juicy Fruit America Pop

This special edition of Juicy Fruit will launch in May 2017. Each stick of gum contains Cherry, Lemon and Blue Raspberry flavors to invoke the taste of the red, white and blue ice pops.

S.R.P.: (15-stick Slim Pack) $1.19

Extra and 5 gum Mega Packs
Mega Packs of Extra and 5 gum hold 35 sticks, opposed to the standard 15-stick packs. The Extra Mega Pack will be available in Peppermint, and the 5 gum Mega Pack will be available in Peppermint Cobalt and Spearmint Rain flavors. These products are set to launch in June 2017.
S.R.P.: (Extra Mega Pack) $2.49