The latest product from Hartville Chocolate shows you really can buy a presidential candidate — or at least a chocolate version of their face.bits1

Robert Barton, general manager for the Hartville, Ohio-based company, has created two new candy bars — one featuring a mould of Barrack Obama’s face, the other a mold of Mitt Romeny’s face.

Made withPeter’s and Wilbur’s chocolate, the 1.5-oz. bars have a suggested retail price of $2.

The company is keeping a tally of how many of each bar they sell, with the results updated weekly online.

“The presidential race this year has a lot of interest on both sides,” Barton explains. “It’s big in the news and big in the hearts of the American people. We just put a little fun into it and sweetened the polls.”

Of course, it might not be the most scientific way to gauge how the race is going.

 “We actually had a lady that came in, that her husband can’t stand Obama, so she came in, and bought an Obama bar to put on his dinner table,” Barton says.