The Seattle Chocolates brand is getting a facelift.
In addition to revamping its logo, tagline and packaging design for the first time in a decade, the Seattle Chocolate Co. has also reworked the size, shape and taste profile of its beloved chocolate bars.
“Seattle Chocolate has always featured Northwest flavors, and they are consistently our best-sellers,” said Jean Thompson, owner and ceo of Seattle Chocolate Co. “Rebranding is an opportunity to celebrate our roots and share the wholesome Pacific Northwest lifestyle, taste and ethos with the rest of the country. You may spot our new tagline ‘May chocolate be your umbrella’ on each of our bars, which speaks to what we’re about: chocolate as a salve and a comfort, like a little bit of sunshine on a rainy day.”
A Story of Design
Seattle Chocolate is debuting new, eclectic everyday truffle bar and truffle box designs in collaboration with several artists, including three from the Seattle area: Bruce Hale, Esther Loopstra and Richard Kehl, all of whom found inspiration in their Northwest surroundings to create unique designs and illustrations for the brand’s packaging.
“I have followed Seattle Chocolate for many years, have always thought highly of the brand and admired where Jean has taken the company,” Hale said. “I waited for the right time to step in and offer my expertise. I am really happy with the results of our collaboration and excited to see the brand reenergized.”
The launch will include “local stories” videos that highlight how Seattle Chocolate uses local ingredients, works with local makers and purveyors and is deeply connected to the surrounding community. In conjunction with its updated design and logo, the company will share its brand story that captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest on the inside of each everyday truffle bar wrapper.
Beauty from the Inside Out 
Seattle Chocolate pursues evolution and growth through ingredients and flavors, consistently crafting more delicate and pleasing profiles. Additionally, the company always uses ethically sourced, clean ingredients — many with local roots, such as mint grown in Washington’s Yakima Valley, toffee made with local butter in the Seattle suburb of Woodinville, and coffee roasted a short distance from the Seattle Chocolate factory.
Now, Seattle Chocolate is introducing a new everyday truffle bar format with a larger footprint, which yields a more delicious taste due to a greater chocolate-to-center ratio and meltable profile. The thinner format offers easier-to-share pieces without sacrificing the signature creamy, meltaway center that brand devotees know and love. This 30-percent larger footprint also allows customers to find the bars more easily on the shelf.
Along with the new format, Seattle Chocolate is introducing two new everyday truffle bar flavors inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The Hiker’s Trail Mix bar embodies the company’s outdoorsy lifestyle — it’s filled with raisins, peanuts and roasted sunflower seeds in Rainforest Alliance–certified dark chocolate and features a hand-rendered mountain-themed design by Esther Loopstra. 
The Tukwila Hazelnut bar is made with milk chocolate, hazelnut butter and brown rice crisps and has a name inspired by local surroundings: Tukwila is name of Seattle Chocolate’s hometown and the local Duwamish Native American tribe’s word for “hazelnut.” The bar has a rich European taste profile —an ideal combination of nutty and smooth.
Seattle Chocolate has also released a fruit-forward, earthy and slightly acidic 72% Dark Origin bar. The new recipe includes the company’s own custom blend of ethically sourced, hand-selected Nicaraguan beans, made to Seattle Chocolate’s specifications by a local producer. 
Seattle Chocolate’s 19 everyday truffle bars include Pacific Northwest–influenced flavors such as San Juan Sea Salt, Rainier Cherry, Salted Almond and Pike Place Espresso. The company will continue to launch new seasonal designs and flavors, including this summer’s Strawberry Shortcake bar.