Blommer Chocolate Company has opened a new R&D Applications Lab in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, expanding its R&D capabilities. 

The new lab is outfitted with two kitchens, one specifically for chocolate and compound work and one for “hot” applications, including baking and frying. The chocolate kitchen opens into a large room, making it perfect for hosting customers for training, ideation and demonstrations. It is humidity controlled and contains a variety of small-scale equipment for confectionery work, including moulding and panning. 

This lab is a collaborative space highlighting the capabilities of both Blommer & Fuji. Blommer says it will help elevate its brand in the market, as well as support its vision of delivering advanced innovation and impactful technical support through thoughtful and proactive collaboration.

“We are looking forward to hosting customers,” said Marie Loewen, R&D corporate manager, applications. “The new lab has been thoughtfully designed to be a functional workspace for the team with a welcoming atmosphere for collaborating with customers.”

The Blommer R&D Applications Team will be working out of the new location. This includes Cara Watkins, who joined the team as applications scientist in June. Blommer will begin hosting customers in February.