Six dresses made from candy and candy wrappers are on display at Candyality in Chicago. From top left, clockwise, the dresses are made from: Juicy Fruit, Life Savers Gummies, Starburst, 5 Gum, Skittles and Extra Desert Delights. All photos provided.

A Chicago company has created dresses so sweet you’ll want to eat them. Candyality, a retail Chicago-based confectionery chain, has created a collection of six fashion dresses made out of Wm. Wrigley Co.’s iconic candies and their wrappers.

“The dresses are wearable, except I wouldn’t recommend it because they’re so delicate,” explains Terese McDonald, Candyality owner.

The exhibit features the following: anExtradress, made mostly ofExtra Desert Delightsstrawberry shortcake packages; aSkittlesdress that also includes a shoe and bag made of Skittles candies; an emerald green5 Gumdress; aStarburstdress that features matching cowgirl boots and hat; aLife Saversballgown made of purpleLife Savers Gummiesbags; and aJuicy Fruitdress made of the gum boxes and the individual gum wrappers.

“Each dress tells a story of a brand and how it’s evolved, and it’s just really a one-of-a kind exhibit,” McDonald says.

The dresses, which were crafted by McDonald’s friends and family, are being showcased in front of the store in The Shops at North Bridge, 520 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, until at least Sept. 8. After that, the fate of the collection is unknown. McDonald says she’s had a number of inquires from people interested in buying them, but they aren’t for sale.

“Our plan is to try to find a home for the dresses [to be exhibited], whether it be in one of our stores or not, that’s what we’re hoping to eventually do,” she says. “It’s really art and it really should be enjoyed by everyone.”

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