Asher’s Chocolate Co. has added two products to its FreshPack line: Dark Chocolate Ginger Snaps and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Grahams. 

The brand's select FreshPack flavors are comprised of two, 12-pack cases which include a 5.6-oz. case of Dark Chocolate Ginger Snaps and a 6-oz. case of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Grahams.

The two new varieties offer bite-sized pieces that are great for sharing and a resealable container that maintains freshness. The lightweight, resealable packaging makes FreshPacks an easy and portable on-the-go treat. Asher’s FreshPacks provide product visibility with clear packaging and color-coordinated labeling.

The brand's FreshPacks are made of recycling No. 1 plastic, the easiest type of plastic to recycle, with a Resin Identification Code used to help sort materials. The FreshPacks packaging ensures no waste ends up in landfills, coinciding with Asher’s Chocolate Co.’s Green Policies and Procedures.  

Asher’s was founded in 1892 by Chester A. Asher, who established his candy business in the heart of Philadelphia. Now with third, fourth and fifth-generation members of the Asher’s family involved, Asher’s produces over 500 items, including one of the broadest lines of sugar-free chocolates in the industry. Corporate headquarters for Asher’s Chocolate Co. is in Souderton, Pennsylvania, along with production and warehousing. A second production facility is located in Lewistown, Pennsylvania.