Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprungli USA has tapped celebrity chef Curtis Stone to help kick off its "Taste the Difference" campaign, a program aimed at educating consumers about the importance of innovation, quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship. 


The Stratham, N.H.-based chocolate manufacturer will unveil a series of educational vignettes starring Stone, which will show consumers the impact these elements have on everyday indulgences.

 Furthermore, to give chocolate lovers the opportunity to actually taste the difference for themselves, Lindt is sharing two million coupons for its products – including the company's newest innovation, the LINDOR Sea Salt truffle – via the company's Facebook page.

Through the "Taste the Difference" program, Lindt is pairing its expertise in chocolate making with Stone's in the culinary arts to introduce consumers to the key elements that result in great taste.  Lindt and Stone have teamed up to create a series of videos to educate consumers on ways to enhance everything they eat, drink, or make, whether it’s brewing the perfect cup of coffee, whipping up a delicious dessert, or indulging in premium chocolate. 

The videos, which can be found on the Lindt Facebook page and YouTube page, showcase the impact that quality ingredients, skill and passion can have on chocolate and culinary creations alike. 

"As a chef and chocolate lover, I know that extra touches, like high quality ingredients, can have a huge impact on the tasting experience," says chef and Top Chef Masters host, Curtis Stone.  "I'm thrilled to partner with a company like Lindt that truly understands the importance of these subtleties and to educate people on how to experience expertly crafted products."

Through the "Taste the Difference" program, Lindt is also giving away two million coupons on its Facebook page to offer consumers the opportunity to experience its range of chocolates.  The downloadable coupons can be used for $2.00 off any Lindt product (3.5 oz. or greater), including the new LINDOR Sea Salt truffles or Stone's personal favorite, EXCELLENCE A Touch of Sea Salt. 

"Chocolate making is an art that, when done with the right techniques, dedication and passion, results in truly exceptional chocolate," says Thomas Linemayr, Lindt USA’s ceo and president.  "Our master chocolatiers are experts in this art and are constantly creating premium chocolate innovations, such as our new LINDOR Sea Salt truffles. We are thrilled to partner with Curtis Stone to educate consumers about creating extraordinary culinary experiences and to offer millions of opportunities for them to fall in love with premium chocolate."