What began as Beacon Sweets, a South African confectionery company founded back in 1932, BestSweet, Inc. has a lot to celebrate this year as its Mooresville, N.C., facility marks 20 years of service in the confection and nutraceutical industries. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the manufacturer started up again in New Jersey before settling in a suburb of Charlotte. There, it grew to become a leading innovator in the candy category.

Perhaps best known for its Baskin-Robbins Candy and Lites Sugar Free Hard Candies, BestSweet also offers a BestHealth line of nutritional supplements. As its plant celebrates 20 years, the confectioner has a variety of growth initiatives in mind. For example, as it adds manufacturing lines, the Mooresville facility will experience a significant increase in capacity. BestSweet also has been USDA-certified to produce organic products. Its most recent introduction in this area is Bee M.D., an organic throat drop that targets today’s more affluent consumer. The new product will ship to retailers nationwide in August.

“We are dedicated to growth, there’s no doubt about it,” says Harry Overly, vice president of marketing and innovation. “Part of that, however, is rooted in the fact that we’ve always leveraged the expertise and talents of our people.”