Williman “Bill” Jaggard, a senior flavorist at Bell for more than 10 years, may have been a “flavor legend,” but it was more important for him to be known as a teacher first.

Jaggard, who died recently, is remembered fondly by those who knew him.

“He put Bell on the map in South America for tooth paste flavors,” says Simon Poppelsdorf, vice president of flavor technical sales. “In addition to the mint work, Bill will always been known as a person that did an outstanding job in teaching everyone around him about the joy of being a Flavorist.”

Jaggard also worked for Food Materials, Wrigley, Newman Busley Wolf, Firmenich, Pointing Holdings, Ltd in UK, Wixon, and even formed his own companies in Wisconsin and Indiana.

He was, “very intelligent with an insatiable curiosity, a good pinochle player, great pesto maker and cheesecake baker, and a lover of cats and plants,” says Judy Michalski, a senior flavorist.

As a member of the Organoleptic Evaluation Panel for Flavor Materials for Perfumer & Flavorist, “Bill was among Bell’s best resources when it came to raw materials,” says Bob Barrera, Bell’s director of technical services.

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