Ghirardelli’s 2016 Easter line
Ghirardelli, San Francisco

Launching Spring 2016, Ghirardelli brings the premium chocolate experience to each and every Easter basket with three new offerings joining the full Ghirardelli Easter line of products:

  • Ghirardelli Hollow Bunny: Made with premium Ghirardelli creamy milk chocolate, wrapped in sophisticated white foil and adorned with a festive turquoise bow, holding a golden egg
    S.R.P.: (3.5-oz. bunny) $3.99
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunny: Premium Ghirardelli milk chocolate filled with luscious caramel, individually wrapped and available in a bag, or small gift pack.
    S.R.P.: (4.14-oz. bag) $4.29; (1.72-oz Gift Pack) $3.99
  • Milk Chocolate Bunny: Creamy, solid milk chocolate available in a bag or small gift pack 
    S.R.P.: ($4.29/4.14-oz. bag; $3.99/1.74-oz Gift Pack)

The Easter line also includes past favorites, including:

  • Spring Impression Squares:Ghirardelli continues to welcome Spring with a new design for the beloved Spring Impressions bag and gift collection, available in Milk & White Chocolate Squares or Milk & Dark Chocolate Squares.
    S.R.P.: (4.58-oz. bag)$4.29
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Eggs:Available in three unique flavors – Milk Chocolate, Toffee Milk Chocolate or Almond Milk Chocolate, these chocolate eggs are perfect for any Easter celebration.
    S.R.P.: (3.5-oz. bag)$2.99