Sweets and Snacks 2014

The Sweets and Snack's Expo again offered visitors a chance to overdose on candy, as they searched for the next big thing in the candy world. All photos by Vito Palmisano. 

1. Pez

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Pez

Two girls pose at the Pez booth, whole holding samples of Pez Hedz.

2. Hershey

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Hershey

Two Hershey spokeswomen pose at the Hershey booth, while holding some of Hershey’s newest products, including: Lancaster Caramels, Reese’s Peanut Butter Spread, and Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters. They’re also holding a pack of new Ice Breakers Cool Blasts, which you can chew like a gum for about 15 seconds before it dissolves in your mouth so you can swallow it.  

3. Praim

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Praim

The folks at the Praim Booth pose while showing off their PanAm line, their Bosco syrup line and their Where’s Waldo line.

4. Bazooka

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Bazooka


Anthony, with Bazooka, poses with some of Bazooka’s products, including: Ring Pops, Juicy Drop Pops, Juicy Drop Taffy, the new Juicy Drop Gummies, Official MLG Chicago Cubs Ring Pops, and Ring Pop Gummies.

5. Ghirardelli

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Ghirardelli

A woman from Ghirardelli poses with the chocolate company’s newest product, Ghirardelli minis. The bite-size candies will come in a pouch bag and will be available in three flavors, including: Milk Chocolate & Caramel, Dark Chocolate & Brownie, and Sea Salt & Almond. 

6. Just Born

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Just Born

Don, with Just Born, poses with the company’s new Peep’s Minis, which will come in strawberry, sour watermelon and chocolate crème, and be sold year round.

7. Mars

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Mars

The newly designed Mars / Wrigley booth highlights all the brands the company makes, from Skittles to Snickers.

8. DeMet's

Sweets and Snacks 2014 demets

The DeMet’s Turtle takes a moment to pose for a photo with woman who was also handing out samples for the company. The company was feature it’s new Dark Almond Turtles at the Expo.

9. Wrigley

Sweets and Snacks 2014 Wrigley

Wrigley representatives talk to managing editor Crystal Lindell (far left) about the company’s newest products, including Starburst superfruit flavors, a new sharing size of Starburst Minis, and 5 Gum Ascent, an intense peppermint flavor.  

10. The Expo

Sweets and Snacks Expo 2014

Visitors walk the show floor looking the next hot trend.