This Christmas, Purdys Chocolatier voyaged deep into the Arctic Circle, where the North Pole lies, to source one ingredient: polar sea salt, which is sprinkled on Purdys’ new, limited-edition North Pole Salted Caramels.

The chocolates are crafted from Purdys original 1907 caramel recipe and garnished with flaked polar sea salt. Purdys worked with BC-based Vancouver Island Sea Salt to create a custom batch of polar sea salt to top its new North Pole Salted Caramels.

“We’ve been famous for our caramel since 1907, but this is our first time using polar sea salt. It’s a flaked sea salt that brings out the buttery notes of the caramels and the creamy cocoa notes of the milk chocolate. I can’t wait for our customers to try it,” says Rachel McKinley, master chocolatier.

Purdys North Pole Salted Caramels come in a 16-piece box that retails for $24. The chocolates are available in-shop and online for a limited time starting December 1.

“We’re passionate about making Christmas magical for Canadians,” says Julia Cho, content and marketing manager. “Our chocolates bring so much joy to people around the holidays, and we wanted to make our most festive chocolate yet with our North Pole Salted Caramels.”

Purdys has also made a $10,000 donation to the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation through its philanthropic initiative, Purple Partnerships, to support the foundation’s efforts to protect the well-being and health of children and youth in Nunavut.

Purdys has additional Christmas gifts available in-shop and online, including its Dear Santa collection that supports partnering children's hospital foundations. To learn more about Purdys Dear Santa campaign, visit

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