Cocomels is expanding its fan-favorite <1g sugar line and launching <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt and Crispy Bites.

Vegan and keto-friendly, the bites are free from dairy, gluten, corn syrup, cholesterol, sugar alcohols, palm oil and artificial ingredients. They are made with 60% dark chocolate sweetened with an all-natural sugar alternative, allulose. 

With a hint of sea salt to balance the coconut milk caramel, <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Bites are a sweet and salty lovers' dream. The <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Crispy Bites feature smooth coconut milk caramel, rolled in a thick coat of 60% dark chocolate and crisped quinoa for a satisfying crunch in every bite.

"With a commitment to never compromise on taste while offering sugar-reducing consumers indescribably delicious Cocomels, we developed our new <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt and Crispy Bites to help satisfy everyone's sweet tooth," says JJ Rademaekers, chief candyman and founder of Cocomels. "We pride ourselves on using high-quality ingredients, like our vegan, low-sugar coconut milk caramel and chocolate sweetened with all-natural allulose so consumers can enjoy a great tasting sweet treat without the high-sugar intake."

<1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt and Crispy Bites will be sold online via the Cocomels website and Amazon. They’re also available at Sprouts Farmers Market stores at a suggested retail price of $5.99 with expansion to other retailers in 2022.